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Loureva Slade is a Christian author, writer, blogger, singer, and inspirational speaker.  She is the youngest daughter of the late Rev. Wimberly Watson, founder of Pleasant View M.B.C. in Los Angeles, CA.  Growing up in the church, she gained a strong Christian foundation and fuses her biblical knowledge and personal experiences to write stories and articles that encourage readers to live enthusiastically for Christ.

In August 2016, Loureva launched MatildaBelle Productions, a boutique Christian publishing company (named after her mother, Bernice MatildaBelle Watson). The company is based in Los Angeles and provides authors with creative direction and a platform to share their faith-based works while offering readers quality, positive, uplifting, and informative Christian content. Loureva's first full collection of short stories, THE THING ABOUT LOVE,  was the first book published by MatildaBelle Productions.

Loureva is also the proud co-founder of Christian and Loving It Girl Newsletter (C.A.L.I. Girl), an inspirational publication for Christian young women.  The mission of C.A.L.I. Girl is to provide guidance and support to young women by presenting them with positive and truthful information about fashion, self-esteem, hygiene, talents and gifting, relationships, etiquette, Christ-centered living, and other things that concern Christian young women. 


Loureva is a graduate of Cal State University, Northridge, where she majored in English (Creative Writing).  She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and children.

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