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C.A.L.I. Girl Newsletter



Many years ago, the Lord placed a desire in the hearts of a few of my dearest friends and me to share some of the difficult situations and valuable lessons we learned as a result of them with young ladies who might be experiencing similar things.  We also wanted to talk with young ladies about the fun and exciting aspects of walking with the Lord and living for Him.  At the time, we didn’t make those desires a priority.  We continued to live and learn, but the need to speak out and share our stories continued to burn inside of us.


We noticed that the magazines on newsstands targeting young women had catchy pictures and articles, but the content in them typically didn’t align with the will of God.  The enemy was using the printed news media to attack the minds of our young ladies.  Throw in social media, cinematography, and other forces that often work against the self-esteem of Christian young women, and the effects can be deady. At a time when young women are so impressionable, we have a responsibility to make sure that we are equipping them with the weapons, information, and confidence to fight the spiritual battle that is raging.  (Ephesians 6:10 – 18.)


In 2010, my friends and I realized that we could no longer be silent.  Sabrina Pierce, Vicki Childress, Eboni Marmolejos and I joined together to launch Christian and Loving It (C.A.L.I.), Girl Newsletter—an inspirational Christian publication for young ladies ages 13 and up.  Our mission is to provide Christian guidance and support to by presenting young women with positive and truthful information about fashion, self-esteem, hygiene, talents and giftings, relationships, etiquette, and Christ-centered living.  


Please check out C.A.L.I. Girl online at and help us spread the word. 


Loureva Slade, Co-Founder of C.A.L.I. Girl Newsletter

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